Posted 2008-12-22
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Air Force Bugbots
Micro Air Vehicle (MAVs) buglike drones
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Yodda commented on July 02, 2013
And this this $h1t comes home and gets into arsenals of every dumbfvcI< agency from FBI to social services. So people will get shot by mistake, taken to court to face months of prerecorded data that have already made up judge's mind etc, etc. Applications are endless. In the other words, welcome to the "land of the free"
humbleforest commented on April 28, 2013
Dear Global Friends, It seems to be happy for the person or persons who invented them. But everything has a cause and effect. These things can also go back in attacking those inventors, same like nuclear and lasers. No doubt it maybe good to use but there are more abuses and misuses to various objects because the world today has lost human moral values through egoism, commercial greed, selfishness, stubbornness, hatred, discrimination, sexual misconduct and dishonesty. In today's global government organisations, there are many departments spying on each other where mutual trust has lost its ground. Dishonesty is no more practised inwardly. False in outlook. False promises are on the rise, as well as divorces cases, due to dishonesty and adulteries or infidelities. This is where spying gadgets are invented. The world will be dead if human morality is no more practised.
humbleforest commented on April 28, 2013
Dear Global Friends, Too intelligence for these gadgets to invade other peoples' privacy in the name of defence but are for one's personal interests, power and gains. Nowadays one's privacy is not safe anymore because of these immoral gadgets. Too advancement in sophisticated technologies goes together in the advancement of human immoralities. There should be a legal law imposed for the protection of one's privacy, if these spying gadgets are caught by a small fishing net, then one can sue the person or company using this spying gadgets on one's privacy. Moreover, there should come with another gadget to trace the frequency of these spying gadgets.
nanobots commented on March 12, 2013
Ilene, Comment on March 12 2013 - can this be sold to anyone - especially stalkers who know your every movement, even knowing where you set your own cameras to catch them breaking into your home - to knowing when you leave - This is nice - I might even have a clip of one in my yard - by an alcoholic of the humming bird - the sound is what caught our attention -
TrishB commented on March 10, 2013
@ CristianoRH... CNN? Please..that­9;d be the last station I'd watch for truth. I put nothing past our illustrious president and his chosen.
Swordsman commented on March 06, 2013
Oops, double post. Site didn't refresh when I submitted, and I thought it lost the post. My bad.
Swordsman commented on March 06, 2013
Mostly hype. Here's the one that's ACTUALLY being funded by the Air Force.­­ly.html
Swordsman commented on March 06, 2013
Almost all of this is just hype. Every other sentence is "the MAV may ____". It MAY do virtually nothing other than be a mobile camera. Here's the REAL one being funded by the Air Force.­­ly.html Techjet was actually looking into selling them for about $200.
Foremancr commented on February 26, 2013
This looks like a flying brick. My experience with bricks is that they don't fly well. You may want to rethink the design
Cristiano RH commented on February 25, 2013
Sick. Not even Orwell thought about that. Something that can kill you without being noticed approved by the state and by the people! American paranoia will lock us all inside our homes watching CNN with fear of the unknown.
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